Welcome to Miao's very first web page!

I'm sooo glad to own a website myself and learn to add stuffs on it^^

This is Miao Jin, a first year pre-econ major student at UCSB

several fun(or not) facts about myself:

  • I'm from China
  • I was born and raised in Beijing, the capital of China
  • I went to in China until college, so it's still my first year abroad on my own
  • Food preference

  • I like milkteas, taro boba milktea is my favorite
  • I love Chinese food, Korean Food, and French foods
  • my favourite fruit are strawberries, mangos,and coconuts
  • I miss Chinese hotpots in the pic :(

    In My Free Time

  • I like travelling
  • I like listening to musics
  • Sometimes I play games, but I'm not good at any games lol
  • Random Song Recommendations

    I listen to a variety of songs and my preference changes from time to time. I'm just putting songs that I love recently here and I will be updating the playlist.

    Square by Yerin Baek

    Yerin is a very special and talented singer. Square is a song she first performed in 2017, but not released until 2019. There are a lot of songs in the same album is worth listening.

    You Were Beautiful by DAY6

    DAY6 is my favourite band. It's a South Korean band consists of 5 members. I think almost all of their songs are good, but You Were Beautiful is the one which I started to get to know them.

    Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran

    A song with deep meaning that can always makes me calm.I Don't care by him and Justin Bieber is also very good.

    California by The Rose

    The Rose is also a South Korean band, California is a English song they produced.

    Victory Song by Stray Kids

    A really powerful song that can wake me up in th mornings.

    Other recently played songs are:

    Wolves by Selena Gomez

    Everglow by Coldplay

    Millions by WINNER

    Come Through by Eric Nam

    For Lovers Who Hesitate by JANNABI

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